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Golden wedding anniversary by Eti-chan
Golden wedding anniversary
Fifty years together - isn`t this amazing? 

This box made me happy and sad at the same time.
Happy - because I thought those people must love each other so much that they stayed together for all those years despite all those ups and downs life serves us everyday.  I think when the older generations die there won`t by any anniversary like those. I know couples that struggle to get to their first anniversary, or are separated/divorced/remarried six months after their wedding day - and that`s one of the reasons that made me sad. The other one is... well, I`m absolutely not a girlfriend/wife material. I fail just in so many ways. To become an old and lonely canary lady - that`s my destiny. 
Test by Eti-chan
In a comment on my  Baby boy - exploding box Katara-Ikard said : "If the lid didn't have flowers on top, you could turn it upside down, invert the box, and make it a cube again with the carriage on top and the lid holding the flaps together on bottom."
I promised to test this and here it is ^__^

What I have noticed:
- it was difficult to bring the flaps to flex in the other direction and get them into the lid,
- cause of all the decorations on the flaps they went only like 3-5mm into the lid, so the whole thing was a little shaky and looked quite unstable.

I think if there where no decorations or they would be placed more toward the center of the box, so more of the flap could go into the lid, it would be a good idea ^__^
But from my experience with exploding boxes and people I think I would have to put a manual in each of them, so everyone could see how to invert them. 

The lid is, of course, from a different box ^__^"
Improved? by Eti-chan
Not really the same thing, but the rooster was one of the first quilling I ever made. I still do them (the chickens) the same way, and they look the same, so I can`t actually say that I`m now an expert in making quilling chickens... but along the way I made a yellow finch and a green budgie, and recently this stylized silver eagle. 
Would you have shown me the right photo back in 2010, I would be like "woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!", and would you have told me that I actually could make something like this - I wouldn`t believed you. 
I still don`t believe. I see just mistakes and flaws and what I really believe is that "I botch everything I touch". 
double Yes! by Eti-chan
double Yes!
Two boxes for two couples:

---First one---
colours: white - royal blue - gold
on the flaps: wishes, names of the Bride and Groom, date of the wedding, a little book "about Mariage" ^__-

---Second one---
colours: white - royal blue - gold - pink
on the flaps: wishes, names of the Bride and Groom, date of the wedding, an envelope. 

- - - 
Personally I don`t really get the idea of weddings, actually the concept of dating, boy/girlfriends, couples, etc. is alien to me. 
Maybe because I learned, the hard way, that "love" isn`t for everyone - despite the theory. 
Baby girl - exploding box by Eti-chan
Baby girl - exploding box
This is a very unlucky box...

I printed out the wishes. Called this poor person like a bazillion times to check if I have the name and surname right... 
When I was 100000000% sure I glued it in and decorated. Guess what... I made a typo in the text and noticed it after the glue set... I was about to start to cry because the box was finished and now I needed to somehow get everything off without destroying the flap. Due to some miracle I managed to do so. Guess what... The printer died. It was way to late to go to a CopyShop and the box needed to be ready for the next day... Lucky me - the person would pick it up around 12:00. 
The shop opened at 10:00, I just stormed in, printed the wishes and run home. Cut them out. I was so stressed, my hands where so shaking... I glued it in...crookedly... NO! Somehow I managed to cover it... 
So much stress... 


Eti-chan's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
° I am a Philologist-Germanist, a Florist and used to work as a jeweller (great combo ^_-),
° I speak/write: Polish, German and English,
° quilling is my way of dealing with melancholy.
Hello everyone! I am here 

I decided that everyone that have left a nice comment :writer: , 
have faved +fav  my work or added me to hers/his watch list Added to my devWatch! 
will get a lama :+llama: 
Of course I also support the idea of "lama for a lama" so if You give me one You will get one back. Little Pixel Heart 

So, the Lamas are on they way to You guys!  Llama Truck 
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